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The story about my car

When I was 8 years old, I probably should have been like other kids--playing football or Little League. Instead, I was hanging out with my next door neighbor, Jim, helping him build a kit car. I remember the day he brought the kit home from Chicago. It was the most awesome thing I ever saw. My father and I helped him put the body on the Beetle chassis that he already had restored. From there, it was like watching a model being put together. I don't remember everything we did, but the first memory of this car was the day that we both went out down to the city to look for a sunroof. We went to a few different stores, then had lunch on our main street in the city. I'm sure we received lots of attention, but I didn't notice because I was in such awe of the ride. Years past, and Jim eventually had kids of his own, and moved down the street. Although he didn't drive the car much, it was always still there in the garage, and part of my life. He moved to Atlanta in 1998, driving the car down, and using it as his daily driver for a few months. He then took it off the road, until this year, when he wanted to sell it to make room for a street rod. I jumped at the chance, and bought it from him to keep my childhood memories alive. I've always looked up to Jim, and he's a great friend. I'm glad that I have something to remember the great times we had. I'll never let it go...